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Connections and Trends in Orthopaedic Surgery

JBJS Case Connector assists orthopaedic surgeons in the search for precedents, connections, and trends in their efforts to improve patient care. Using this unique tool, surgeons can find the commonalities between cases, benefit from the experience of their peers, and filter case information by many important variables in order to provide the best possible care for orthopaedic patients.

This cross-referenced electronic database contains thousands of orthopaedic case reports from the top journal in the field. It compiles symptoms, conditions, and demographic details to empower surgeons to find cases similar to theirs and to mine the database to reveal emerging trends and identify patterns, distinguishing between truly rare cases and repeated, related single instances of a larger problem.

Contributions to JBJS Case Connector are welcomed from anywhere in the world and are considered on their merits. Articles must be written in English and should be submitted as outlined in the Instructions for Authors. All authors must abide by the JBJS ethics policies and all submissions to JBJS Case Connector are covered by the JBJS embargo policy.

The peer review process is blinded; manuscripts are judged by the quality and relevance of the work--not by the country of origin, the reputation of the author, or the fame of the department. Our aim is to publish the best material available from anywhere in the world.

Ethics Policy

This Ethics Policies document is intended to inform the public and all persons affiliated with The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Inc. of its general ethics policies. These policies pertain to all publications produced by JBJS, Inc.

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